The success of our company is backed by people whose professionalism, passion and commitment allowed us to build a team capable of creating new and innovative technologies for business. Thanks to our determination we can now proudly share our expertise and original ideas for precision productions, multi-material 3D printers in FFF technology.

The possibility to design and have control over the creation process, creating objects from scratch and having control over this creation – this is the new path for your company. We lead our clients through this path and help on every stage of work with the product – starting with the decision to buy, through tests, training and authorised servicing.


3D print seems like a distant and complicated idea for most of the entrepreneurs. But in really it’s quite a different story. See how easy and simple to use are our products – intuitive, with built-in wifi modules and heated work tables, it will make precise printouts become a day to day reality of your company.

3D printing is now available. You can create the most sophisticated models, the only barrier is your imagination.1200

3D Printers


Greate products for your company. Lerned from years of experience we have created the best suited products for business. 3D printers made from the best materials allow prints, high quality from different filaments. A wide options of many dimentions of field work is ansver for all needs of each customer. Innovation and thoughtful solutions in best designed forms. Check how field work are Our 3D Printers.

  • 1200

    multi 3D printer’s axis field – 1200 mm

  • 500

    nozzle heated to 500 degrees Celsius, made from special hardened steel alloy, allows printing using the most demanding materials such as carbon and metallic filaments.

  • 50

    Printouts’ resolution – minimum layer of the printout is 50 microns

    • BLIXET
      BLIXET B24-multi
      A great product for your company with a build volume of 225x225x240 mm. The printer has layer thickness resolution of down to 50 microns which guarantees high quality printouts. Innovations and well-thought-of solutions designed to perfection. The 3D printer is a combination of precision and high durability which guarantees high quality printouts. B24 – multi comes with original Silence X system which ensures exceptionally quiet operation during printing.
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    • BLIXET
      BLIXET B50-multi
      A perfect product for your company with a build volume of 400x400x520 mm. Printer with resolution of up to 400 microns guarantees very high quality large printouts. A hardened steel nozzle is heated to 400 degrees Celsius. Precise extruders make the B50-multi model able to print from all 3D print filaments in FFF technology available on the market including PEEK material.
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    • BLIXET
      BLIXET B70-multi
      Industrial 3D printer, for customers who value a large working field. B70 - multi has a print field up to 700x700x700 mm. 3D printer with a layer resolution from 50 to 1000 μm with a module for fast printouts Super Fast, allows for printing large dimensions with high quality. The propellers used in the axes xy, thanks to the appropriate construction of the teeth, the contact surface between the screw nut and the screw is limited. This makes the screw nuts move without vibrations and virtually noiselessly. This is due to the fact that the larger the contact surface of two surfaces moving relative to each other, the more vibrations are transmitted, which can transfer the model to vibrations. The rounded teeth in our drives limit this effect, so that the thread moves quietly and without lubrication. A nozzle made of a special alloy of hardened steel is heated to over 500◦c in option with a module for high temperatures. Applied precision extruders with a ratio of 3: 1 make the 3D printer B70-multi print from all available on the market filaments for 3D printing in FFF technology, including PEEK after retrofitting the printer in chamber heating and high-temperature work table with plastic coating PEI. Available in one and two-head versions DUO. On special order we also make dedicated work fields for the needs of our clients.
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    • BLIXET
      BLIXET B100-multi
      A 3D printer with a large build volume of 400x400x1000 mm. Its resolution (layer up to 400 microns) allows high quality prints. Recommended for really high prints. 3D printer with a nozzle heated up to 400 ◦c, precise extruders and mechanics which allow many hours of non-stop printing in high quality. B100-multi model is able to print from all 3D print filaments in FFF technology available on the market, including PEEK material.
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    • BLIXET
      BLIXET B120-multi
      Exceptional 3D printer for companies who value large build volumes. Build volume in B120 – multi is 700x700x1200 mm. 3D printer with layer resolution of 400 microns guarantees high quality printouts. A hardened steel nozzle is heated to 400 degrees Celsius. Precise extruders make the multi series models able to print from all 3D print filaments in FFF technology available on the market including PEEK material.
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Come for a free Blixet 3D printer test. We will be happy to present you the versatile and complex use possibilities of our products along with pinpointing the easiness of usage and functionalities.


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