We create innovations in pursuit of achieving the best 3D printing results while caring about the comfort and simplicity of using the 3D printers. The result is our newest printer model – Blixet Eye with dual filament type and colour printing system, build volume of 225 x225 x 240 and precise mechanics which allows precise model representation. The printer is recommended for 3D print lovers for printing models combining two print materials. Blixet Eye comes with an original Silence X system, which allows exceptionally quiet printing.



B200-multi : It’s going to be the first printer in Poland with such a build volume, dedicated to the industry sector.

An innovative 3D printer specialised in printing really large models. Popular in automotive industry. It’s gigantic build volume of 2000x600x500 mm, applied precision screw drives and big diameter nozzles guarantee quick and precise printouts. It’s worth mentioning that the nozzles are made of special hardened steel alloy and are heated to 400 ◦c temperature.



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